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What is Non-Resale Purchasing System (P2P)? A PeopleSoft application that allows users to order, pay, and track indirect purchases. System enables the following:

         Review schedule, invoice, payment, order, and receipt activity as well as view your account balances and the invoices related to those balances

         Provide transactional information, online and in real-time, by creating Purchase Order Acknowledgements and entering Advance Shipping Notices

         Supplier employees access to H-E-Bs  non-resale supplier self-service transactions

         Enter invoices online

         Provide invoice dispute and resolution activities at the invoice and invoice line level


Please print and review the Non-Resale Purchasing System (P2P) Visual Training Aids.  Doing so will help ensure that you will become familiar with the major components necessary to establish your non-sellable goods and services while promoting a successful business relationship with H-E-B. 


What to Do

To ensure that you and your company utilize the Non-Resale Purchasing System correctly, please follow each step below. 

Step 1

Obtain a training password to view training. E-mail Central Purchasing for a training password at the following address:

Step 2

Click on the appropriate training module links listed on this page.

Step 3

Review all of the training provided.

Step 4

Go to the Supplier Forms Site

         Locate the "Systems" link on the Supplier Forms site.

         Click on the Non-Resale Purchasing System (P2P) link to access the system log in page.



Computer Based Training




Non-Resale Purchasing System (P2P)


Registration How do I obtain access?


Active H-E-B Supplier Registration


Module Training


eSupplier Provides real time connection of purchase orders between supplier and H-E-B.


Purchase Order Acknowledgements

Advance Shipping Notices

Reviewing Purchase Orders